Our Story

Croatia to California

Our story begins in a small Croatian village, in the former Yugoslavia.

Anxious to flee a poor country where famine and destitution were prevalent, members of the Zaninovich family left the tiny island village of Velo Grablje by steamer ship, and in 1914 arrived in New York.  


Making their way cross-country to San Francisco, the new immigrants worked in restaurants as busboys, waiters and dishwashers until they saved enough money to join family members in the Central Valley.

Together they worked hard and prospered through the difficult economic years of the Depression.

In 1947, Martin Zaninovich and his first cousin Vincent Zaninovich founded Jasmine Vineyards.

Today, Jasmine Vineyards is one of the largest table grape growers in the United States, producing delicious California grapes for the world to enjoy.


Where We Grow

100% California Grapes

Known as the Napa Valley of fresh table grapes, California's San Joaquin Valley provides the ideal climate for our grapes to grow.

The temperate spring season nurtures bud break – the most delicate time of growth for our grapes. The California sun and hot, central valley heat sweeten our grapes to perfection throughout the summer. During fall, we are busy harvesting as many varieties are reaching peak freshness. Finally, the cool, rainy winters provide the ideal time for our plants to go dormant, and for pruning to begin.

Jasmine Vineyards is busy throughout the grape growing cycle – growing, harvesting and shipping fresh California table grapes all over the world!


Our Commitment

Our Community

Our commitment to producing safe, wholesome, high quality grapes for everyone to enjoy begins right here in our fields.

Employee benefits, quality products and minimal environmental impact have been our values for over 70 years. We put our values into practice every single day so that you can feel good about buying Jasmine Vineyards grapes!

We also believe access to education is paramount. Through our financial support of the Martin J. Zaninovich scholarship, and grants and scholarships awarded annually through the California Table Grape Commission, we hope to make a difference for families right here in the San Joaquin Valley.

Learn more about our sustainability and business practices here.


Food Safety

How we do business

Our excellent safety record for producing wholesome, high quality grapes is, in large part, credited to our employees. 

From Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to our more comprehensive internal Food Safety Plan, numerous guidelines are established to ensure that our food safety objectives are met, every day.

To read more about the food safety program at Jasmine Vineyards, click here.


Our Team

Meet the Staff

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